2004 Women's World Champion Sofia Mulanovich drops into Oceanside for a handful of waves...

On a random day in Oceanside last summer I rounded the corner and saw one of my favorite surfers walking across the sand. It's not often that you see 2004 ASP Women's World Champion Sofia Mulanovich surfing your local spot and lucky for me I just happened to have my video camera with me. These onshore waves don't look particularly difficult to surf but the sandbars were really messed up and everyone else that I saw out there was either getting caught behind on closeouts or simply ran out of gas when their waves mushed into nothing. Sofia on the other hand made the waves look rippable and fun. With a new crew of young rippers on tour, Sofia's name doesn't pop up as often as it used to but to my eyes at least, she's blowing the tail out the back better and more critically each and every year.


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